Business mediation is one of KNPP’s focal points and has been a core competency in our firm since its founding. As certified mediators, we use our experience and expertise to find solutions for company-internal conflicts, and facilitate cooperation between companies and in the public sector.

With our mediation services, we pursue the goals of reducing conflict costs, finding viable solutions and accelerating their implementation, and avoiding damage to image and trust.

In addition, we accompany our clients nationally and internationally as party attorneys in mediation, conciliation and arbitration proceedings.

You might also ask yourself one of the following questions …

We offer you the option of conducting mediation either according to the rules of procedure of the conciliation office or detached from them. When selecting the appropriate procedure, our expertise suggests that the following questions should be considered:

  • How important is the inhibition of time limits?
  • To what extent should the agreement be enforceable?

In areas closely related to law – e.g. in disputes between companies – mediation before the conciliation office can be useful. All cases in which the parties can settle a dispute themselves according to the law are permissible, regardless of the amount in dispute.

If you opt for mediation according to the rules of procedure of the conciliation office, the following advantages result:

  • The procedure is absolutely confidential
  • Terms are suspended (§ 204 para. 1 no. 4 BGB)
  • Enforcement can be carried out from the recorded agreement (§ 794 Paragraph 1 No. 1 of the Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO))

In many cases – especially in the case of high amounts in dispute – proceedings before the conciliation office are cheaper and faster than court proceedings

In many cases, a conflict between two shareholders not only negatively affects the working environment, but also impairs the profitability of the company.

In order to end this state of affairs, it is important to pinpoint differences and thus resolve conflicts in a sustainable and forward-looking manner. The mediator’s task here is to establish and secure the basis for cooperation between the parties involved. This ensures that the discussions can be structured, effective and goal-oriented, which leads to a resolution that makes sense for all parties.

This procedure helps companies to look ahead and to work out the best way forward for the shareholders and the company. Mediation thus represents relief for the shareholders on the way to a common solution.

Conflicts can not only lead to sleepless nights, but can also cause negative psychological and physical symptoms. Often the conflict not only burdens those directly involved, but also leads to a negative working environment overall.

Mediation helps to ease the situation quickly and in a relaxed manner. All those involved have the opportunity to address aspects and issues that are important to them. This ensures increased acceptance among the parties involved, so that a firm foundation can be built for further agreements.

Mediation enables those involved to reach practical and sustainable agreements that ensure that everyone can quickly return to the agenda. In this way, conflicts can be resolved in an economically sensible and sustainable way and blocked energies can be released again.

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Our services in the field of mediation

  • Mediation

  • State-recognised conciliation office

  • Conflict moderation and facilitation

  • Activity as conciliator or the assumption of conciliation proceedings

  • Design and implementation of internal communication processes

  • Advice on the various options for out-of-court conflict resolution

  • Preparation and implementation of mediation as a conciliation office

  • Alternatively: Development of individual, tailor-made processes

Your contact persons for mediation

Bernhard Böhm
Bernhard BöhmCertified mediator and lawyer, recognised conciliation body, registered mediator under the Austrian Civil Mediation Act (ZivMediatG)
Markus Hoffmann-von Wolffersdorff
Markus Hoffmann-von WolffersdorffLawyer and certified mediator

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