International law

In the age of a global economy, many German companies see new opportunities in the internationalisation of their business. At the same time, this poses complex challenges for the players. In trusting cooperation with our partners in the major growth markets of Asia and Eastern Europe, we advise companies on all legal issues relating to the planning and implementation of investments in new markets, export and project business and the resolution of conflicts.

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe we work closely with the law firm CEE Attorneys. Our partners are among the most dynamic law firms in the region with an international profile. Together with CEE Attorneys, we offer companies full-service legal services in almost all economic sectors in the following countries:

Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary and Romania

More information on CEE Attorneys can be found here:


In China, we cooperate on a basis of trust with A&Z Law Firm in Shanghai, which is one of the most renowned local large law firms and has been awarded the coveted awards “Excellent Law Firm in Shanghai” and “Advanced Team in Judicial Administrative System in Shanghai” for many years. The law firm has an international profile and offers its clients the full range of business law advice and representation before authorities, courts and local businesses. You can find more about A&Z Law Firm here:

In India we have been working successfully and trustfully for many years with the law firms Maheshwari & Co in Delhi and Lekh’s Legal in Mumbai. Our Indian partners have many years of experience in advising international companies from various industries and private individuals. You can find more about our India-specific services and local partners > here.

Qur services

  • Coordination and control of mandate processing abroad

  • Full-service legal services in various fields of law and economic sectors with local partners

  • Legal representation before companies, authorities and courts

  • Business information about local companies

  • Litigation and representation in mediation and arbitration proceedings

Your lawyer for international law

Markus Hoffmann-von Wolffersdorff
Markus Hoffmann-von WolffersdorffRechtsanwalt

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