India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with great business potential for foreign companies and investors and growing political importance. The size of the country, the cultural and social conditions, the administration and the legal system present many foreigners with special challenges in clarifying legal issues in India. We have many years of experience in India and support companies and private individuals in close cooperation with our local partners in asserting their interests in India.

Our partner for the northern and eastern regions of India is the supra-local law firm Maheshwari & Co. Advocates and Legal Consultants with headquarters in Delhi. Maheshwari & Co. has a history of decades, advises and represents international companies in India and is one of the best known law firms in Delhi. You can find out more here

In the southwestern state of Maharashtra we cooperate with the law firm Lekh’s Legal from Mumbai. Lekh’s Legal has many years of experience in advising foreign individuals and companies. In addition to providing advice in the areas of general civil law, inheritance and family law, commercial and corporate law and the law of establishment, Lekh’s Legal also focuses on IT and media law.

Our services

  • Advice on Indian general civil law, labour law, inheritance law, family law, company law, intellectual property law, IT and media law, right of establishment, trademark law, copyright and competition law

  • Advice on the establishment of branches, subsidiaries and joint ventures

  • Advice on M&A transactions

  • Drafting and review of contracts for private and business purposes

  • Assertion and enforcement of claims and demands

  • Litigation and representation in mediation and arbitration proceedings

  • Representation before Indian authorities, courts and companies

Your lawyer for India

Markus Hoffmann-von Wolffersdorff
Markus Hoffmann-von WolffersdorffRechtsanwalt

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