Banking and capital market law

The possibilities for capital investment have increased due to a wide range of investment offers. However, the risks for the individual, especially private investors, have also increased in this context. Many investors have suffered considerable losses in recent years – be it due to the bear market or problematic fund investments. These losses are partly due not only to the difficult market environment, but also to incorrect or poor advice given to investors.

In this complex field of law, which is subject to frequent changes in some cases due to jurisdiction, the expert advice and in particular the out-of-court protection of the investor’s interests is of great importance. An example of this is the examination of contracts or advisory discussions in order to identify possible claims for damages. We offer the assertion of claims against investment advisors, brokers, securities and investment services companies, banks and asset managers, taking into account current case law.

Our services

  • Advice and legal representation of investors who have suffered economic losses

  • Review of contractual agreements in advance of your participation or joining the company

  • Review of contracts, such as atypical silent partnership agreements, partnership agreements for fund companies, trust agreements for real estate and funds

  • Examination of legal actions against all parties involved, from the intermediary to the bank. Including possible claims against trustees, limited partners in trust, trustees for the use of funds, etc.

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